Hawker Siddeley/BAe Harrier 'Jump Jet' & derivatives, McDonnell Douglas AV-8B Harrier II & derivatives.
AV-8B Hasegawa D19 (00449), 00283 , 00355 
AV-8B+ Hasegawa D24 (00454), 00642
FRS1 Hasegawa 00235, 606, BT6, BT101, 02661
GR3 Hasegawa 00236, 607, BT7 (02607), D20, SS05
GR5 Hasegawa 00185, Revell 4349 
GR7 Hasegawa 00380, Revell 4634 
P.1127 Kestrel  Airfix 00033
T2 Heller/Bobcat/Humbrol 80365
T4 Gunze Sangyo FG212 
T10 Airfix 04040, Heller 80344 
TAV-8B Airfix 04040, Heller 80344 
Conversion Parts
100% LERX  Fineline C004
AV-8B+  Model Alliance CS-19, Vintage 72010
FA2 Maintrack 7235, Model Alliance CS-26
T2 Heritage Aviation 72006
T4 Heritage Aviation 72006
Cast Detail Parts
Harrier outrigger wheels, early Aeroclub V179
Intakes w/- dropped doors Heritage Aviation HAAC 72001
Martin Baker Mk 9 ejection seat  Neomega EJ72013, Pavla S72024
Martin Baker Mk 10 ejection seat  Hi Tech 72503
Martin Baker Mk 10H ejection seat  Chota Sahib A02
Martin Baker Mk 12 ejection seat  Airwaves S72025
SJU-7 ejection seat  Pavla S72009
Stencel ejection seat  Aeroclub EJ009 , Neomega EJ 72010
Etched Detail Parts
AV-8B  Eduard 72263
AV-8B  Eduard 72068
AV-8B  Eduard 72356
AV-8B  Eduard SS146
FRS1  Airwaves C72005
FRS1 crew entry ladder PP Aeroparts L712
GR3 crew entry ladder PP Aeroparts L713
GR5  Eduard 72068
GR5  Airwaves C72034
T4 rear crew entry ladder PP Aeroparts L714
TAV-8B  Eduard 72082
Vacform Canopies
T4/T4N canopy  Canovac 015
FRS1 Canovac 025
Paint Masks
AV-8B canopy & wheel hubs Eduard XS060, XS118
GR3 canopy & wheel hubs  BlackMagic CEBM72149
FRS 51 IN604 300 Sqn Indian Navy Italeri 1236
FRS 51 IN602 300 Sqn Indian Navy Matchbox PK37
AV-8B+ all serials  Tauro 72531
AV-8B+ no details available Hasegawa 00642
AV-8B+ all serials w/- sqn badge  Model Friends 7201
TAV-8B all serials intitial scheme w/- white lettering & later scheme w/- grey lettering  Tauro 72531
AV-8B 01-909 Esc 8 Armada Sky 72044
VA-1 Esc 8 Armada: 01-810, 01-814 Sky 72044
VA-1 all serials Esc 8 Armada & Marina schemes Aztec 72-016
VA-1 Esc 8: 008-10 Marina, 01-805 Armada Replimodel 06
VAE-1 01-808 Esc 8 w/- black tailfin & sharkmouth Aztec 72-016
VAE-1 Esc 8: 008-8 Marina, 01-808 Armada Replimodel 06
AV-8S 1 Sqn: 3103 to 3109 Renaissance Corp
FA2 ZD608/128 800 Sqn Op Deny Flight, ZD612/719 899 Sqn, ZD615/713 SHOEU Bosnia Sky 72044
FRS1 no details available Fineline DC2005
FRS1 Falklands. HMS Invincible: 000, 001, 003; HMS Hermes: 14, 17 FCM 72MF
FRS1 899 Sqn Modeldecal 065
FRS1 Falklands: 800, 899 Sqns Modeldecal 067
FRS1 809 Sqn Modeldecal 071
FRS1 800 Sqn: XZ500/H, ZA175/H; XZ451/N/000 801 Sqn, ZA177/711 899 Sqn Modeldecal 70
FRS1 XZ498/124 Falklands, 800 Sqn: XZ489/001, XZ497/27 Lt Cdr Mike Blissett Falklands, XZ458/251 early full visibility scheme; Extra Dark Sea Grey scheme: XZ498/002 801 Sqn, ZE890/711 899 Sqn Sky 72044
FRS1 early full visibility scheme: XZ451/VL/100 700 Sqn w/- Eagle on tail, XZ454/N/250 800 Sqn, XZ498/N/005 801 Sqn, XZ457/VL/104 899 Sqn Superscale 72393
FRS2/2A Medium Sea Grey scheme: ZE696 899 Sqn Yeovilton, ZH796/715 899 Sqn, XZ439 Eglin, ZA175/126 800 Sqn, ZG799/004 801 Sqn; Dark Sea Grey scheme: ZA195 HMS Ark Royal, ZD811 899 Sqn Model Alliance MA-107
T4N 899 Sqn, 809 Sqn names Modeldecal 075
T4N XW266/719 899 Sqn Sky 72044
GR1 XV779/Q 20 Sqn Superscale 72379
GR1 XV788 1 Sqn, 233 OCU: XW922/49 Laarbruch, XV760 Wittering Sky 72044
GR1 all serials all Sqns standard & snow schemes Aztec 72016
GR3 all serials all Sqns standard & snow schemes Aztec 72016
GR3 1 Sqn: XZ129, XW919/03 arctic scheme, XZ996/F 1417 Flt Belize, XZ133 1453 Flt Falklands, 233 OCU Wittering: XV783/N, XZ971/3A, XV753/3F; 3 XV760/K w/- high visibility tail; 4 Sqn: XV738/B experimental low visibility grey scheme, XZ987/O, ZD667, ZD970 w/- high visibility tail Sky 72044
GR3 3 Sqn Gutersloh: XV751/M, XV779/AP, XW768/O; XW769/24 1 Sqn Wittering, XZ133/A 1417 Flt Belize, XZ132/V 1453 Flt Stanley Falklands Modeldecal 074
GR3 233 OCU Modeldecal 046
GR3 XV809 3 Sqn, XV738 4 Sqn Modeldecal 078
GR3 1453 Flt Falklands Modeldecal 080
GR3 XV738/B 4 Sqn Modeldecal 094
GR3 1 Sqn: XV778/16, XW769/24 Superscale 72379
GR5 Pegasus 11-61 flight test prototype Fineline FD2001
GR5 1 Sqn, 3 Sqn, 233 OCU, SAOEU Modeldecal 100
GR5 1 Sqn: ZD400/02 arctic scheme, ZD355/01; ZD401/AA 3 Sqn Kinloss, ZD328 Strike OEU Sky 72044
GR5 ZD353/06 1 Sqn Xtradecal X01272
GR7 NATO Green/Lichen Green scheme: ZG531 4 Sqn Laarbruch, ZD432/N 20(R) Sqn Wittering, ZG501 AWC Boscombe Down; 4 Sqn Incernik Op Warden: ZD408/WK light grey scheme, ZD467/WA late grey scheme; 4 Sqn Cottesmore late grey scheme: ZG512/83, ZD470/83; 20 (R) Sqn Wittering late grey scheme: ZD375/23, ZD434/46 223 OCU; late grey scheme: ZD411/U SAOEU Boscombe Down, ZD322/03 3 Sqn 90th Anniv Cottesmore, ZD321/02 1(F) Sqn at Cottesmore, ZG503/74 3 (AC) Sqn at Cottesmore Model Alliance MA-102
GR7 233 OCU/20 Sqn Modeldecal 115
GR7 ZD330/11 1 Sqn 2-tone grey scheme, 3 Sqn NATO/Lichen Green scheme: ZG852/AI, ZG503/74; late grey scheme: ZD410, ZD405/34, ZD376 Sky 72044
GR7 new grey scheme: ZD435/47 1 Sqn Wittering, ZD463/53 3 Sqn Laubruch, ZD435/23 20 (R) Sqn 233 OCU Wittering Xtradecal X05172
T2 P 20 Sqn Sky 72044
T2A XW272/Z 20 Sqn Wildenrath Modeldecal 074
T4 XW271/17 1 Sqn Wittering, XW927/Y 233 OCU Modeldecal 074
T4 233 OCU: ZB600/Z, XW934/W Sky 72044
T4 XW629 4 Sqn Superscale 72379
T10 233 OCU: ZH660/P, ZH662/R Sky 72044
  US Marines
AV-8A VMA-513 Modeldecal 015
AV-8A WH/22 VMA-542, 158962/CG/3 VMA-231, 158974/WF/6 VMA-513, WF/1 VMA-531 Superscale 72355
AV-8B data stencilling & national insignia Superscale 72586
AV-8B 09 VMA-211 Avengers late scheme, 163515/18 VMA-231, 163517/01 VMA-311 Tomcats Op Desert Storm Sky 72044
AV-8B VMAT-203: 20, 26/KD; VMA-231 Op Desert Storm: 01, 05/CG; VMAT-214: 09, 11/WE; VMAT-211 Superscale 72625
AV-8B 163188/WP/10 VMA-223, 163678/WL/15 VMA-311, 163725/VL/13 VMA-331 Superscale 72584
AV-8B 162084/CG/01 VMA-321, 162996/XE/11 VX-5, 162069/VL/000 VMA-331 Superscale 72585
AV-8B VMA-231: CG/01, CG/07, CG/50 IFOR; VMA-223: WP/02, WP/04; WH/01 VMA-542 black/yellow rudder Two Bobs 72009
Kit Reviews
Airfix 04040
TAV-8B/ Harrier T10. The biggest strength of this kit is that it offers 4 nose options. It also has British long range ferry tanks (with parallel mid section), a separate airbrake and wheel wells, and the canopy has correct bubble cross section, unlike the Italeri kit. Its drawbacks are that the vertical fin is far too thick, most components are thicker and more 'over-engineered' than the Hasegawa tooling, it has raised panel lines, and the distanctive kink on the leading edge of the wing is less well depicted than on the Hasegawa kit.

Gunze Sangyo FG212
Harrier T4. This is a Heller/Bobcat tooling which is a crude snap-together kit, although it captures the look of the twin-seater reasonably well. It has drop tanks, rockets, extended ferry wing tips, and the main wheel hubs are well done; however the canopy windscreen is not straight.

Hasegawa 00185
Harrier GR5. British version of AV-8B based on D19 (see below). As for D19, but features parts to make the British variants including the distinctive British 30mm gun pods, but has standard USN wing tanks.

Hasegawa BT6
Sea Harrier FRS1. Based on the GR3 tooling (see below) but has a slight impression of drooped intake blow-in doors at the top, and has a more complete armament fit: 2 Aden 30mm gun pods, 2 100 Imp gal drop tanks, 2 Sea Eagles, 2 AIM-9L Sidewinders, and 2 1000lb bombs.

Hasegawa BT7
Harrier GR3. Best tooling of an early-generation Harrier on the market, although the Fujimi kit would come a reasonably close second. The Hasegawa tooling has subtle recessed panel lines, a separate airbrake, and a refueling probe. There are no wheel wells to speak of, and the intake blow-in doors all closed flush. The kit features a limited supply of armament: 2 Aden 30mm gun pods, 1 BL 755 cluster bomb, 2 1000lb bombs, 2 LR 155 Matra rocket pods, but no drop tanks.

Hasegawa D19
AV-8B Harrier II USMC variant. Easily the best tooling of a Harrier II on the market. Although a good depiction, it is not without vices: the formation light panels sit too proud of the surface, the toolmaker slipped on a panel line on the starboard side of the fin, there is no separate airbrake, and no wheel wells, but these are all minor faults. The only real inaccuracy is that the fuselage foward of of the LERX leading edge is sloped too far upwards, resulting a canoe-like stance. On the plus side, the aerofoil of the wing is very well captured, the canopy has the correct bubble cross section, the intake blow-in doors are drooped on the top, and the jet nozzles can be rotated. The kit features AIM-9L Sdiewinders, Marines gun pods, and standard USN wing tanks. Hasegawa has released all single-seat variants of the Harrier II.

The Hasegawa kits are the most accurate of all the Harrier kits; it's just a shame they have avoided twin-seat variants. If the twin-seat variants are your interest, we suggest you take the parts unique to these from the Heller/Bobcat & Airfix kits and graft them onto the relevant Hasegawa single-seaters. The Airfix twin-seat AV-8B Harrier is more accurate than the Italeri one in regards to the tailfin and canopy. It also offers a greater number of options for noses/versions.

Last updated 08/04/04.
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