Douglas DC-3 Dakota, AC-47 'Spooky', C-47 Skytrain 'Gooney Bird', Turbo Dakota.
AC-47 Esci 9012, Italeri 167
C-47 Esci 9052, 9096, Italeri 127
DC-3 Airfix 05031 , Esci/Ertl 9123, Italeri 132
R4D-5 w/- skis Esci 9019
Conversion Parts
C-47C floatplane  RVHP 7294
C-47 RAN long nose  Plane Bits 72003
C-117 Airmodel AM-261
DC-3 (early) Wright Cyclone engines Flightpath
R4D-8 Airmodel AM-261
Turbo Dakota, Basler   Heritage Aviation CV72003
Turbo Dakota, SAAF Heritage Aviation CV72002
XC-47C floatplane Execuform EX63
XCG-17 Execuform EX63
Cast Detail Parts
DC-3 detail set Flightpath
DC-3 passenger door Oz Mods 7205
Foward fuselage/nose correction  Red Roo 72105
Hamilton Standard Hydro 3-blade propellers Aeroclub P090
Hollow exhausts Moskit 72012
P&W R-1820/M-25 engine for C-47 Neomega 72001
P&W R-1830 Twin Wasp engine for C-47, DC-3A Engines & Things 72071, Hi Tech 72502
Wheels Equipage 72208
Wheels w/- flattened bottoms True Details 72021
Etched Detail Parts
C-47  Airwaves C72190, Eduard 72252
DC-3  Airwaves C72190, Eduard 72252
Instrument Placards
C-47 Airkit ATC20
Paint Masks
Canopy & wheels Eduard XS075
Wheel hubs for True Details 72021 Black Magic CEBM72017
DC-3 CTA-15 Grupo Naval Antartico Armada Aerocalcas 72002
DC-3 T-103, TC-33 Fuerza Area Argentina Aerocalcas 72015
DC-3 N2-123/802/NW 851 Sqn RAN Hawkeye RAN-16
DC-3 ARDU1985 full visibility scheme: A65-78, A65-86, A65-114 Hawkeye AAF-24
DC-3 A65-78 ARDU low visibility scheme Hawkeye AAF-23
C-47 2009 or 2041 Brazil AF FCM 72005
DC-3 PP-AVJ Aerovias Brasil, PP-VBO Varig FCM 7201C
C-47 RCAF Cold Lake: 12938 'Dolly's Folly', 12959 'Pinocchio' Leading Edge 72.002
CC-129 KG568 Rescue RCAF Superscale 72249
CC-129 C-GDAK 436 Sqn 'Canucks Unlimited' CAF Flight Colours 72-B09
CC-129 various serials UN markings Arrow Graphics E-16-72
DC-3 C-FAAM Austin Airways Leading Edge 72.027
DC-3 Buffalo Airways: C-GPNR 'Summer Wages', C-OPNG Leading Edge 72.009
DC-3 CF-CPX/174 Canadian Pacific Whiskey Jack 72-011
DC-3 CF-CRX CP Air orange scheme Leading Edge 72.008
DC-3 CF-HTH Nordair Whiskey Jack 72-016
DC-3 PWA no details available Whiskey Jack 72-010
DC-3 PWA early scheme no details available Whiskey Jack 72-032
DC-3 QCA no details available Whiskey Jack 72-031
DC-3 CF-TGJ Trans Canada Airlines Whiskey Jack 72-009
DC-3 CF-JIZ WWA Arctic Rose Whiskey Jack 72-013
  Czech Republic
C-47 D-25 Tally Ho 72017
C-47 French AF Indo-China 1945-54 Carpena 72004
C-47 349594/C GT2/62 Gulf of Tonkin, 349279/K GT2/63 Nam Dinh, 349824/L GT1/64 Tan Son Nhut Model Art 7220
DC-3 Air France FDcal*
DC-3 D-AA18 Lufthansa Dutch 72008
DC-3 NA+LA Dutch 72/15
DC-3 520, 535, Sqn details pending Aztec D72-019
DC-3 Flugfelag Islands Pegasus: TF-ISA, TF-ISB, TF-ISC, TF-ISH FDcal 72013
DC-3 Loftleidir: TF-RVM, TF-RVP FDcal 72015
DC-3D Aer Lingus: EI-ACA, EI-ACF, EI-ACE Max 72-006
C-47 Sqn badge Isra Decal IAF-6
C-47 4X-FNL Tally Ho 72017
C-47 national insignia Tauro 72538
DC-3 I-EMOS Ala Littoria Tauro 72558
C-47 334 Sqn nat met sheme: X-1, X-8, 44-083/ZU-8 1955 & 1957 schemes; 44-76920/ZU-10 334 Sqn camou scheme; 43-16413/X-2 336 Sqn New Guinea camou scheme Dutch 72001
C-47 42-93434/VH-RDM 19 Sqn Australia olive drab/neutral grey scheme, 42-93781/VH-RCY 19 Sqn, 42-92312/T-440 20 Sqn nat met scheme, T-453 20 Sqn nat met scheme, 43-15436/23-4 nat met scheme, KN312/B/078 dk green/dk Sea Grey camou scheme Dutch 72002
DC-3 Registration letters, black & orange for KLM & KNILM Cloudmaster 72/17
DC-3 KLM: PH-ALU 'Uil', PH-ALR 'Reiger' Cloudmaster 72/15
DC-3 PH-DAW KLM FDcal 72014
DC-3 KLM: PH-TDU, PH-TCR 'The Flying Dutchman', PH-TBM trainer w/- yellow bands, JZ-PDD Kroonduif Cloudmaster 72/18
DC-3 KLM: PH-UBB, PH-ARE, PH-ARY Dutch 72005
DC-3 PH-ASR KLM overall orange scheme, PH-TBF Aero Holland natural metal scheme Dutch 72008
DC-3C PH-DAC Schreiner Airways Cloudmaster 77.1/72
  New Zealand
C-47 NZ3503/M 40 Sqn 'Anything Anytime Anywhere' RNZAF Eagle Strike 72052
C-47 25646/803 Tally Ho 72017
Lisunov Li-2  Aeroflot no details available Blue Rider BR2102
  South Vietnam
C-47 no details available Carpena 72007
  South Africa
Basler Turbo Dakota no details available Heritage Aviation CV72002
C-47 6843 SAAF Superscale 72514
DC-3 ZS-BXF South African Airways Cloudmaster 72013
DC-3 HB-IRX Swiss Airlines Italeri 132
DC-3 Swissair: HB-IRA, HB-IRB, HB-IRE, HB-IRO, HB-ITA, HB-ITE, HB-ITO FDcal 72016
Dakota KG496/AI 267 Sqn Egypt Tally Ho 72015
Dakota KN628 RAF Montgomery's a/c Superscale 72249
Dakota no details available Esci 59
Dakota C3 ZA947 RAE 50th Anniv Dakota scheme IAT 1985 Modeldecal 79
Dakota Mk III KG374/YS 271 Sqn D Day Eagle Strike 72052
DC-3 Air Atlantique: G-AMOZ, G-AMCA 'Polution Control' Fineline 2007
DC-3 BEA no details available Airway Graphics 77009, Liveries Unlimited 7009
AC-47 Vietnam no details available Superscale 72475
C-47 USAAC: 292189/Q9 'Turf Sport Special', 316119/104 'Jungle Skippers', 'Classy Chassis' Tally Ho 72015
C-47 USAAC: 2100795/4U-N 89 TCS D Day, 138630/62 8 TCS 'Swamp Rat II' Townsville Eagle Strike 72052
C-47 7D 80 TCS 'Honeybun' Superscale 72249
C-47 Golden Knights Army demo team, Air Rescue Service 1946, ATC Nth Atlantic 1943 Superscale 72458
C-47 USAF no details available Esci 59, IPMS USA D-CS85
DC-3 American Airlines no details available Rare Cal RCA72A, Victor 66
DC-3 Bonanza Airlines all serials Flightpath 72051
DC-3 Bonanza Airlines no details available Rare Cal RC101
DC-3 Braniff no details available Rare Cal RCB72A
DC-3 Braniff WWII scheme Captain Butterscotch CBS008
DC-3 Braniff 1953 scheme Captain Butterscotch CBS014
DC-3 Capital no details available Captain Butterscotch CBS038
DC-3 Continental no details available Rare Cal RCC72A
DC-3 Delta no details available Rare Cal RCD72A
DC-3 Delta 1931 scheme Captain Butterscotch CBS020
DC-3 Frontier no details available Captain Butterscotch CBS044
DC-3 Mohawk Gaslight no details available Rare Cal RC079
DC-3 N18949 North Central Liveries Unlimited 7005
DC-3 Ozark Airlines no details available IPMS USA D-CS85
DC-3 Ozark early dk green logo Rare Cal RC083
DC-3 Ozark final logo Rare Cal RC088
DC-3 Pan Am globe logo no details available Rare Cal RC076
DC-3 Pioneer early scheme Rare Cal RC090
DC-3 Pioneer final scheme Rare Cal RC093
DC-3 Southern no details available Rare Cal RCS72A
DC-3 Trans Texas red/white/blue scheme Rare Cal RCX72A
DC-3 Trans Texas silver topped scheme Rare Cal RCX72B
DC-3 TWA no details available Apollo 7001, Rare Cal RCT72B
DC-3 TWA: L-Berg Line & Buy Bonds schemes Rare Cal RCT72A
DC-3 NC49551 TWA Flightline 72001
DC-3 N40V etc Piedmont Flying Colors 72001
DC-3 Eastern Express: N34PB, N137PB Flightpath 72034
DC-3 West Coast no details available Rare Cal RC106
DC-3 Western no details available Captain Butterscotch CBS056
DC-3 Northwest, Eastern, Pan American, Southern, United, Delta, North Central Atlantic Models

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