Cessna A-37 Dragonfly, T-37 'Tweet'.
Academy 1663, 1672 , Hasegawa 00142, 00698 , 00374 , A12, D513
Etched Detail Parts
A-37B  Eduard 72299, SS106
A-37 Airwaves C72057, Extratech 72095
Paint Masks
A-37 canopy and wheels  Eduard XS038
T-37C no details available FCM 72006
T-37C Air Force Academy: 0825, 0980 FCM 72010
A-37B 1 Esc low visibility 2-tone green scheme: 605, 608, 636; J-602 Grp de Av 1 Asia Minor scheme Albatros ALC72007
A-37B J-601 Grp de Av 1 Asia Minor scheme Albatros ALC72007, FCM L7202
A-37B FAC3181 411 Esc low visibility scheme Superscale 72646
A-37B Esc 411. SEA scheme: FAC2158, FAC2169; FAC2161 low visibility grey/green scheme Albatros ALC72007
A-37B FAD3701 Esc de Combate San Isidro low visibility scheme Albatros ALC72007, Aztec 7211
A-37B Esc de Combate San Isidro low visibility scheme: FAD 3704, FAD 3706 Aztec 7211
A-37B FAE392 'Tiwintza' Euro-1 scheme (survivor of shoot-down by Peruvian SA-7) Aztec ALC72003
A-37B FAE384 SEA scheme, FAE375 Euro-1 scheme Albatros ALC72007
A-37B FAE383 Esc Dragones IPMS Quito
  El Salvador
A-37B 425 Esc de Caza 2-tone green scheme Albatros ALC72007, Superscale 72647
A-37B 422 gunship grey scheme Albatros ALC72007
T-37 Retirement scheme no details available JBot 72-043-007
A-37B A-436/73-1655 grey/green scheme Albatros ALC72007
A-37B Grupo Tactico 1: FAH1009 w/- low visibility sqn badge, FAH1015 w/- high visibility sqn badge Albatros ALC72007
A-37B 711 Esc 7 Grupo: 153 2-tone green scheme, 155 2-tone sand scheme Albatros ALC72007
A-37B 152 711 Esc 7 Grupo w/- 2 different styles of sqn badges Aztec 72006
T-37C all serials Asas de Portugal demonstation team Hasegawa 00698
  South Vietnam
A-37B 87916 516 FS, 14182 Albatros ALC72007
A-37B 14808 524 FS 62 TW 2 AD Superscale 72647
A-37B 21123 Compass Ghost grey scheme Albatros ALC72007
A-37B 211 Sqn: 21111, 21134, 21141, 21142, 21131, 21133 JEAB
A-37B 282 grey/green scheme Albatros ALC72007
A-37B 277 Grp de Av 2 SEA scheme Albatros ALC72007, FCM L7202
T-37 Vance AFB, Laredo AFB, Paterson Field, Craig AFB Bi-Centennial scheme Superscale 72253
A-37B SEA scheme: 73-064/IL, 96359/EK Albatros ALC72007
A-37B 14790/ED 6512 AFFTC Edwards Superscale 72646
A-37B 31095/NY 138 TFS 174 TFW New York ANG 'The Boys From Syracuse' Hancock Superscale 72647
OA-37B 01289/OS 19 TASS 5 TACG Osan low visibility scheme Superscale 72646
Kit Reviews
The Hasegawa tooling can only be made as an A-37 even though some of their boxes are labelled as 'T-37'. The A-37 and T-37 are quite different in reality: the T-37 has a slightly more slender underfuselage, the air intakes use a different method to control boundary layer separation, and the main undercarriage doors are different, as are the jet nozzles. The only concession Hasegawa makes to the T-37 are an option for faired-off wingtips sans wingtip tanks. To make a T-37 would actually require modification of all the areas mentioned.

Both the Academy and Hasegawa toolings make up into credible renditions of the A-37, with the Academy tooling being slightly more crisp and offering slightly beefier underfuselage contours than Hasegawa. The Hasegawa canopy is slightly more accurate in shape.

Selected References
A-37/T-37 Dragonfly in Action, Aircraft No 14, by Terry Love, Squadron Signal 1991, ISBN 0-89747-239-X

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