Boeing Vertol CH-46 Sea Knight, CH-113 Labrador, Kawasaki KV-107 Shirasagi.
CH-46 Airfix 03051
CH-46D Fujimi 27002, 270029, AH2
CH-46E Fujimi 2705
CH-46F Fujimi 2705, 270050, AH5
CH-113 Hobbycraft HC2301, HC2303
KV-107 Airfix 03051, Fujimi 27003, 270012, 270043, 270036, 721118, AH1, AH3, AH4
KV-107 II-3 JMSDF Fujimi 27004
KV-107 II-4 JGSDF Fujimi 27001
KV-107 II-5 JASDF Fujimi 27003
KV-107 II-5 30th Anniv Fujimi 72111
Etched Detail Parts
CH-46D Eduard 72251
KV-107 Eduard 72266
Paint Masks
CH-46 BlackMagic CEBM72123, E-Z Masks 116
CH-113 E-Z Masks 117
KV-107 canopy & wheel Hubs BlackMagic CEBM72123
KV-107 II-5 canopy & wheels Eduard XS159
CH-46 Flygvapnet & Marinen schemes Flying Colours Aerodecals FC72101
US Marines
CH-46D YP/15 HMM-163 Superscale 72120
HH-46A 151924/KB/2 Kaneoha Superscale 72374
CH-46D 154035 USS Kiska, 154001 Lemore, 153398 HMM-181 Da Nang Superscale 72375
US Navy
CH-46D 153352 Whidbey Superscale 72374
CH-46D 154001 Lemore Superscale 72375

Last updated 18/05/03.
1/72 H46 1/72 CH-46 1/72 KV107 Sea Knight 1/72 H-46 1/72 UH-46 1/72 Sea Knight 1/72 CH-113 1/72 Labrador
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