Boeing B-52D/G/H Stratofortress,'BUFF'.
B-52D Monogram 5709, 8292, Revell 4608 
B-52G AMT 8633
B-52G (late) AMT 8625
B-52H AMT 8623
NB-52 w/- X-15 Monogram 5907
Conversion Parts
B-52G late  Airwaves S72040
B-52H  Airwaves S72036
Cast Detail Parts
B-52A thru H wheels w/- flattened bottoms True Details 72012
B-52D details Flightpath
B-52D bomb set Flightpath
B-52D P&W J-57/JT-3P engine Engines & Things 72138
B-52G P&W J-57/JT-4 engine Engines & Things 72140
B-52G/H under-wing tanks Airwaves 72037
B-52H details Flightpath
B-52H P&W TF-33/JT-3D engine Engines & Things 72141
Quail decoy w/- trailer MAI 007
X-15 launch pylon for B-52 Airmodel AM-116, Frank-Modellbau FM-16
Paint Masks
B-52D canopy and wheels  Black Magic CEBM72048
B-52G canopy and wheels Eduard XS010
B-52A thru H wheel hubs  Black Magic CEBM72012
B-52 Trials a/c Almark S17
B-52D/F/G/H 43 SW 'Shark Mouth', 320 BW 'Thunder Express', 60-008, 42 BW 'Eternal Guardian', 61-040 Almark S18
B-52 20 BS 7 BW, 96 BW 'Big Country Bomber', 92 BS 92 SAW, 367 BS 306 BW Superscale 72152
B-52H 60-0057 410 BW 'Someplace Special' (SIOP scheme), 61-0025 410 BW 'Shack Rabbit' (overall 36081), 61-0027 7 BW 'Land Scraper II' (low visibility 3-tone scheme) Three Guys Replicas 72004
Kit Review
Although the AMT tooling depicts later versions of the B-52 than the Monogram kit, it has some serious inaccuracies. The wing root angle is completely incorrect for an aircraft sitting on the ground, and is closer to what would be the case in flight. The fuselage cross-section is incorrect (too flat-sided), the rear fuselage empenage is too thin in width. The Monogram kit, despite its age, is a far more accurate depiction of the real thing, with a correct more-rounded fuselage cross section, beefier empenage, and wing roots set at the correct angle. The main wheels are far more delicate as well.

Considering the legend surrounding this amazing aircraft and its colourful and varied history, we are surprised there is not a greater range of aftermarket decals available for it.

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